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Ester Mndeme

Esther is a female filmmaker based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, born in June 1988. From 2009 to 2012, she studied Bachelor of Arts in Fine and Performing Art at the University of Dar Es salaam, majoring in theatre, radio, and television production. Since 2013, Esther has been working as a Managing Director of the Grip, and Sparks Ltd, a company Esther co-founded while involving herself in film production. She has also set up an independent film production company called Pro Fixers Tanzania Ltd, committed to producing high-quality local stories of international standards. So far, she has produced a local series named SAFARI YANGU (MY JOURNEY) that addresses issues ranging from early marriage, drug trafficking, and corruption. The series has garnered four awards in Sinema Zetu Film Festival (SZIFF -2019) under Best Director, Best series, Best Screen Play, and Best Editor. Also, Esther presented LEAH, a short film she directed and produced focusing on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). The film won the Best Short film award in the Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF – 2018). In addition, LEAH has received high international recognition. For example, it was screened in Tarragona, a region of eastern Spain, to girls aged between 15 to 22 who attended a talk about FGM and how women can be empowered. Esther wants to create awareness of challenges facing our community, particularly, to bring positive change in Tanzania and beyond by directing and producing more films based on stories developed from the experiences of marginalized girls and women. Only through the support of us all, she and other committed women change agents can realize their dreams. Recently, she has produced a new short film named SALAMA, which is focusing on Gender Equity.