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Mathew Alphonce

Acting has been a subject that has greatly influenced me both personally and academically. I have found that through drama, Film, and Series. I have been able to free my mind and my heart. It has helped me grow as a person and, through acting and character work, I have been able to understand emotions and states of mind more clearly. Acting gives me an immense feeling of release, and I love the sense of being part of something so full of energy and enthusiasm. I feel that the dramatic talents that I have had have been a gift. I would love to get the chance to learn more about the subject and gain more personal experience and skills. During my time in the movies industry, I have participated in many different performances, both dramatically and musically based. My favorite of these was a “Safari Yangu” launched at Makumbusho Theatre and won an award as best Series Of The Year from Azam Media Group. Principal / Leading Role AHADI (Present) SAFARI YANGU (2016), EONI (2020), Supporting Role NYAVU (2020), SLAY QUEEN (2020), MKONO MTUPU (2017), BARUA YAKO (2013), TEGO LA KIJIJI (2011), MAMA (2011), KURA YANGU (2010).